I have had my hiatus.  Thanks for the prodding, Aaron.  Since I haven't updated lately, I'm back on the running horse with a week and a half to go for the 10K.  I haven't done a quality long run in a while due to obligations on the week and this darned darkness that comes with winter.  So instead of backing down for the weekend before the race, I'm aiming for 6 this weekend to make sure I can still do it I guess.  

I'm also doing a 5K race the day before the 10K.  Not because I think its a good idea (I don't) but because this 10K has been on my radar and I have been training for it for-ev-er.  And the 5K is a classic race @ my university and I refuse to miss it on the last year I will attend here.

I don't really have any goals for either race.  Obviously I would like to shave some time off my 5K, but my last one was pretty fast (for me).  For the 10K I would like to keep all my splits below 12:00 ... we'll see.  That puts me under 1:15 which is a lofty goal, but that's what I'm gonna go with.  I need to get back into blogging but lately I haven't had anything to talk about.  That's what I'll focus on during my run tonite.

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Aaron Cunningham said...

I suspect that if you run the 5K, you not exactly going to race the 10K, but it's going to be fun weekend! :)

I think 1:15 is a pretty reasonable goal, bit it's all about the training, right. :)