Pluggin' Along

Not much to update on ... I had a slight hiccup in my training plan last week due to a nasty flare up of my sinus infection (that will hopefully be a thing of the past now that I am finally finishing up my antibiotics!) 

I missed a long run but it was only 5 miles so I feel confident that I will be able to do 6 this weekend.  I had a terrible run yesterday, however and am not sure why.  I'm sure this happens to everyone now and then but my legs just would NOT move for anything.

I'm not sure who is still reading this if anyone -- if you are, what do you do about no-reason-for-it terrible, horrible runs??

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Aaron Cunningham said...

Random crappy runs.. You just gut through them when you can. They may indicate something else, stress, tiredness, sickness, etc... Or you're just not feeling it.

I just try to force my way through it and write it off as a 'character building exercise'. i think they may be a lesson in humility somtimes. :)