Here it is! My first race report!

Well to start out with what you really wanna know -- Finish time: 35:43 (11:32/mile)

I got to the race pretty early - the registration info said registration was from 7:30a - 8:45a and it was about 8:10a when I got there. I didn't "warm-up" per se because I felt kind of dumb, but I did walk around quite a bit and stretch my calves and shins as much as possible. I also had to walk a few blocks to use the bathroom. haha.

There were a total of 32 runners plus 7 walkers - I thought there were more than that but I guess not. I took off too fast, hoping I could stay with the group a little, but there was no way that was going to happen. I probably could have done better had I not started off fast out of vanity. It was immediately evident that I was waaaayyy in the back of the pack. Actually I thought I was dead last and about to get passed by walkers but that didn't happen (thankfully).

I realized after 3 or 4 minutes that I forgot to start my watch so I just went off the assumption that we started right at 9 (it was probably a minute or two after) but I don't remember the split times anyway. I started out pretty even with a guy who was run/walking but he picked it up after the half-way point and beat me by about a minute and a half (speaking of the half-way point I almost choked on my water). I ended up running the rest of the race more or less even with another woman although her walk breaks took over after the two mile mark and she never recovered her pace - I ended up coming in almost 3 full minutes ahead of her. I took several very short walk breaks. Seeing my time now I'm kind of annoyed because I probably didn't need those breaks. Oh well - that's what next time is for.

The race organizers were great - for less than 40 people competing, there were probably at least that many volunteers directing traffic at turns/intersections and cheering us on. There were also a decent number of front-yard spectators. And there were a bunch of cookies, watermelon, bananas, and water afterwards. I just thought all the "amenities" were really thoughtful for such a tiny race. I love small-town Indiana.

I'm pretty happy overall with the race experience - it wasn't as embarrassing as I was anticipating and 3.1 miles wasn't really hard to cover at all. I think running in an unfamiliar place was helpful in that regard. I had no idea how far I had to go between not starting my watch and not knowing my way around the city.

Oh yeah - I almost forgot. I placed second (out of 3 - haha) in my age group - last time that's gonna happen until I run this race next year!! I did get a trophy however. And I was 13th out of 19 women overall (not counting the walkers - thankfully I beat every one of them)


Kitzzy said...

Great job! That is an amazing time. I still can't run a sub-40 5K. Don't beat yourself up over the walk breaks. I've been reading a lot about the Jeff Galloway method, which incorporates scheduled walking breaks and I am going to start using that for my long runs to help me cover more distance and eventually get faster. I did that this morning and ran 3.5 miles with maybe 5 minutes total of walking (out of 50 or so). If done properly, they can actually help you finish a race faster because you can run a little faster knowing you have a walk break just around the corner.

Aaron Cunningham said...

Well done on finishing the first 5K!!! Excellent time too!

Nice small low lower stress race. The first one is nerve wracking isn't it. It's the baby runner thing, I think. We just need to do a few more.

Nice to hear the race was so well organized. It makes it much nicer.

Congrats on your trophy! :)

I think Kitzzy is right. Integrating walking might be a valid strategy, and improve performance.

Da Doo Run Run said...

Yay! Go you!

My first race was super small as well (29 participants). Great race to get your feet wet! Congrats!

Rob said...

Great job Lisa, well done.

*jen* said...

Great job on your first 5k!!! I recently ran my first 5k as well and it was intimidating and a bit scary. We're over that first race hump now. Yay! That's so cool you got a trophy! :)

chris said...

Hi Lisa! I read a post that said you were interested in joining the Virtual Run Club. Sounds great! Send me the e-mail address you use for Blogger and I will get you added. E-mail chris@edmondsitedesign.com

Anonymous said...

Great job on finishing your first 5k. Believe me, they get easier. I was running 3 & 4 mile races this time last year. I just did a 10 miler last weekend, and I never thought I would be able to do it. Keep up the good work.

Roadwarrior Mike