It's like I'm getting worse.

So maybe it's because I was feeling so good about the 20 minute and 25 minute runs going pretty smoothly, but there was nothing smooth about yesterdays run.

Exhibit A:

I only made it about 17 or so minutes before stopping. I was doing okay running-wise, but somewhat suddenly I had a lot of pain in the arch of my right foot. I'm not sure what caused it, but it was enough to make me walk after a minute or so. I tried to start running again but it didn't work out. It stopped hurting when I stopped running so I'll try another run before I call it an injury, it may have just been a quirk. (This is what I'm hoping for, obviously)

My recent dilemna is that I've only run twice the past two weeks. And for no good reason. "It's windy" "I'm tired" "I can go tomorrow" - whatever. So this week I am running MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY - no excuses.

I'm not running the 5K though. I don't know if I mentioned that but there's no way I'm ready.

I'm kind of bummed out about all this.


Aaron Cunningham said...

That's a huge bummer. Keep beating on it, and you'll work your way through all of this crap.

Maybe you can sell someone your entry so you aren't out the $.

Just remember to find another 5K and just move the goal. This is a life change, right, you'll get to the 5K soon enough. It's not like you don't have a lot going on. :)

*aron* said...

i stumbled on your blog through comments on others and i am also new to running :)

just keep trying and eventually you will get over all the blocks!! its as much (if not more) mental as it is physical. you can do it!!!!

Perry said...

I believe the key to keeping up a running plan is to forgive yourself when you miss a run or don't do as well as you hoped. Remember, you only run for yourself.

I had a lot of success by trying for a running streak. First it was a year (at least 1 mile every day) then it was 444 days. Once you get past 30 days, it just becomes a habit.

Good luck and keep up the running.

Just Your Average Joggler

Rob said...

No Excuses! For next week write your runs in pen and do them no matter what. You can do it, just check the excuses at the door.

Aaron Cunningham said...

How did last week go? Were you able to get your runs in?

Abimars said...

How'z it going?

*jen* said...

Where are you? How's the running going? I hope your foot is better!