So ... I'm an idiot.

This run didn't work out so well.

I went. but I had to stop ~15 minutes and walk for 2 minutes before finishing it out.

Problem? I didn't have any water.

All day.

It was 7p and WARM and, as a result, I was overdressed. It was 60 and sunny and the long-sleeve shirt was too much. A t-shirt would have been fine. So I realized I was sweating, and thirsty, and then I realized that I'd had a busy day and that I hadn't had anything to drink since my morning coffee. No joke. So it wasn't so fun. And I know better.

I've noticed I haven't been drinking hardly anything at all for a couple weeks now. I just haven't ever been thirsty except for right after coming in from a run. I don't know what the deal is. But I guess I need to force myself to drink water throughout the day now ...

I'm still moving on to Week 8 tomorrow, regardless. Wish me luck :)


Da Doo Run Run said...

Well, at least you know what the problem was and can correct it!!! Good for you for moving on up to week 8. Almost there now!

Aaron Cunningham said...

Drink your fluids, woman. :)

Good luck with week 8. You'll have no problems, I'm thinking.

Abimars said...

good luck with week 8, thanks for asking after me, I'm good but was just a bit lazy to post will definitely post soon