Long Run

I did 5 miles yesterday in some BRUTAL wind.  It was supposed to be 6 but ...

26 degrees + 24 MPH wind = really freaking cold.

I headed out against the wind so I wouldn't have to fight with it on the way back.  Apparently Google maps and whoever is in charge of putting up road signs in my county disagree because I missed my road due to it being labeled as something other than what Google led me to believe.  Long story short, I turned around at 30 minutes because I got to a T in the road and didn't know where I was going at that point.  I knew I had cut off some mileage somewhere because I got back to my apartment too early, so I did a couple of loops around nearby neighborhoods.  I still stopped early because I was freezing and in tons of pain.  

It's hard to explain this pain.  It wasn't in one place, it was everywhere.  The worst was my feet but my hips, thighs, back all HURT.  What's really weird is that everything feels fine today.  I had a similar painful experience last time I went out in the super-cold for a long-ish run.  I sort of feel like the combination of tights and pants for that long is too restrictive, and that might be part of the hip/thigh problem, but I don't really know.

The good news is that 5 miles was sub-12!! (barely, 11:54) So I feel good about my running coming back to where it was before.  I have 7 planned for next week (when I plan to try out my first gel!!) and 9 the week after.  Technically this violates the 10% rule but I think the 10% rule is stupid when single digits are involved.


Aaron Cunningham said...

That cold, that windy. Belah. I would have been on the treadmill without thinking hard. Good on ya for getting it done!

The 10% rule is only a rule of tumb, and I would agree, is probably excessivly careful at lower mileage. If your body doesn't complain, go for it!

What brand of gel are you going to try? Remember to take it with water. :)

Aaron Cunningham said...

All that non fluid "supplemental nutrition" is gels as far as I'm concerned. :)

Haven't tried taht flavor or ShotBlok, but they worked OK for me, I just don't like chewing on the run, so the GUs work better for me.