bad(ish) news.

So ... I was good and skipped my planned run yesterday in favor of resting the sore calf. Instead I did about an hour on the bike and 30 minutes on the ArcTrainer. Anyway, my leg wasn't feeling too bad this morning, though I could still feel a little something. I decided to try the run, since I don't want to get behind in my plan. I went to the fitness center to do the run on the treadmill in case I was too sore to go 2ish miles and also because I thought the softer treadmill surface was a good idea.

Well, I got through the warm-up and approximately 6 steps of the first running portion. These steps went as follows "uh, hm, ow, ow, OW, OW!" then... I stopped. I don't know how some of you run through pain. I can run through soreness but NOT pain. I don't know what the problem is, but running is not the solution right now. I've been stretching my calves religiously the past couple days and nothing is improving. I'm going to try some ice therapy tonite. Currently I have a lot of tightness and it's starting to affect my knee and ankle a little even. My lower leg hurts just sitting in my chair. *sigh*

I'll be around keeping you updated. I don't know when the next run will come in. Hopefully the elliptical will keep me in moderately good conditioning.

Oh yeah, I also ate like a million cookies last nite. I really needed to run this morning.

This sucks.


Rob said...

hang in there, injuries suck

Aaron Cunningham said...

Hope you're calf is feeling better. Or at least you've figured out what's going on...