Week 2 extra credit.

So, I know I already checked Week 2 off as done, but I went ahead and did it again yesterday (even though yesterday technically started the beginning of Week 3. I was planning, as I mentioned, to do the first run of Week 3 outside today in reponse to the favorable weather report. But after church yesterday it was so nice and sunny I just HAD to go outside. I figured an extra day of Week 2 would be good before tackling a Week 3 run in the relative "unknown" of the outside world.

Here's how it went:

Not too shabby, from Mr. Nike's perpespective. In fact, Paula Radcliffe informed me that I set a new mile PR for myself.

Fantastic, from my lungs' perspective, despite the slightly chilly weater (~ 37F). I typically have a lot of trouble running ... or sometimes walking ... outdoors in cold, dry weather due to my asthma, but I did pretty well. A little coughing, but no major problems. Aerobically, also, I felt I was in control and had no problems handling the running sections (even up a little hill).

Pretty nice from my skin's perspective, too - I stocked up on techie-fabric and wore a short sleeve under a running jacket - complete with thumb holes - I LOVE thumb holes - and running pants - not tights, as I looked way freaky. I'm saving tights for next winter when I have a hopefully improved physique. The pants were warm though. I was just the right temperature except I think I should have gotten the UA headband/ear coverer thing because I just wore my regular fleece one and my head was hot. Also probably should have worn some gloves but i survived.

HOWEVER, from Mr. Soleus's perspective, this run SUCKED. I don't know what happened, by my calves were burning even before the first running section. I had this problem before (last summer) and I never figured it out. I stretch pretty well I think but man. The soreness was considerably less bothersome when I was running compared to walking (which also happened before, still don't know why for sure). They still hurt today, so I'm not going to be running anywhere until hopefully tomorrow. I could really use some suggestions on this.

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Aaron Cunningham said...

Overacheiver. :)

Remember to take some time off... Ah heck, you're young, your body will forgive you. :) I understand though. I've almost gone out a few times for extra runs... Maybe when I'm done with the plan.

Maybe run for a warmup, then stretch you calves to make sure it gets in deep? Need to rotate shoes? Hope you figure that one out