OK this is where I'm hoping at least 2 people will read this and have an opinion. I've been browsing through blog-land, and I'm seeing a lot of beginners who started with the "couch-to-5K" plan. Is this a better choice than what I've got mapped out? pros? cons? Let's hear it.

Current Plan VS. Couch-to-5K
*all intervals repeated for 20-30 minutes ... depending on how i feel.

Week 1 - r1, w2 --VS.-- r1, w1.5
Week 2 - r1, w1 --VS.-- r1.5, w2
Week 3 - r2, w1 --VS.-- r1.5, w1.5, r3, w3
Week 4 - r3, w1 --VS.-- r3, w1.5, r5, w2.5
Week 5 - r4, w1 --VS.-- (M) r5, w3 (W) r8, w5 (Sa) r20
Week 6 - r6, w1 --VS.-- (M) r5, w3, r8, w3 (W) r10, w3 (Sa) r25
Week 7 - r9, w1 --VS.-- r25
Week 8 - r12, w1 --VS.-- r28
Week 9 - r15, w1 --VS.-- r30
Week 10 - r30 -- VS. -- r30


Amanda said...

Here's the deal...the plan you will follow is the best plan. :)

Aaron Cunningham said...

I just started CouchTo5K (I'm on week 2), and I have managed to modify it to match my needs.

I think Amanda is right. Just get a plan and follow it. I think I prefer your plan because it's easier to remember what the heck you are doing, instead of having 4 different interval some days.

I could be biased by the fact that my watch only has 2 interval timers and I'm trying to figure out how to do week 3 and 4 without writing notes on the back of my hand.

Dav3 said...

You should check out the c25k podcast here. http://www.ullreys.com/robert/Podcasts/page6/page6.html This was great for me since it was based on time and not distance. The audio cues really help too. If you have an ipod or any MP3 player you should give it a try.

Good Luck!

Em said...

I just started week 1... again... this week (I tried it in January but fell off quickly... my husband, however, is doing great and on like week 5 or something?)

I just came across Podcast:Intervals today and I'm going to use it... http://www.djsteveboy.com/intervals.html

Maybe it will benefit you?

Good luck to us both!!!