Day 2

At least of running. I guess Day 4ish of my new daily fitness regime. News: Pilates HURTS. I have some muscles aching today I forgot I had. Most notably: neck & obliques. This made the running a little uncomfortable today but still totally doable. I'm still not sure what I want to do about the speed. Today was the same as before - 11:00 pace for the running intervals and about 18:30 pace for the walking.

The treadmill's not forever of course, just until the sun is out either before or after work - right now it's complete darkness. Also I would prefer not to spend a lot of time running out side when it's below freezing. I didn't particulary like the quarter mile walk to the treadmill in the snow this morning. But it is winter and I might have to get over it. We'll see.

I've invested in the Nike+Ipod system. I've heard good things about it. And I figure even if I don't want to run with music on any given day, I can still wear the Nano and get some feedback about my runs.

I think I've decided to stick with my original plan for training up to 30 minutes. Hopefully I can sustain the 11:00 pace easily so that it's only a matter of shaving off 1 minute from each mile (probably not as easy as it sounds, but definitely easier than shaving off, say, 3 minutes per mile).

I'm considering the Komen Race for the Cure 5K for my first race and also as my qualifying race for Half-Fast's Shave Your 5K Challenge which I recommend all of you take part in. (The way I see it, I have to get faster between my "I hope I can run the whole thing without stopping 5K" and a 5K in Nov. or Dec. -- right?)