Week 1 ... OFFICIALLY check.

Just in case you're an excuse-maker-upper (like me), check this out:

so ... I feel about 2 inches big. I am like an excuse machine.

Getting out today was harder. But I did it. The aforementioned video helped.

It's soooo cold here. Single-digit highs this weekend. I had to work today, but only 9-12, so I figured ... I'll just run after. Problem #1 - It's cold: I didn't want to go back out after knowing what the outdoors had to offer. Problem #2 - I was hungry.

Anyway, I got out. Got to the fitness center and it's busier then usual (read: there were more people there than just me and possibly my roommate). And all the treadmills were full. So I did 5ish minutes on the bike and a treadmill freed up. I was embarassed to do my walk/run thing in front of other (more fit) people, but I sucked it up and did it anway. (go me.)

r1 w1.5
pace: 11:00/18:00

Yes, I did the couch-to-5K today. and I loved it. Especially the podcast - it was everything I hoped for. I wasn't a slave to the clock today and it made the run so much more enjoyable. And the music is really upbeat as well.

One problem: I didn't realize you couldn't listen to podcasts as your music during Nike+ workouts ... oh well - Nike+ will have to wait for 9 weeks. He'll probably log better when I'm not changing my pace constantly anyhow.

p.s. Not that you couldn't notice on your own, but I changed the layout. I really liked runner girl, but that white on black was killing my eyes.


Abimars said...

Hi lisa

You go girl! lol @ "I was embarassed to do my walk/run thing in front of other (more fit) people, but I sucked it up and did it anway. (go me.)"

It reminds of when I started as well and I always felt other joggers were sneering at me during my walk breaks but I soon got over it reminding myself that they also had to start from somewhere
Keep it up!

Aaron Cunningham said...

Like the new layout. Much easier to read. Not as 'hip' though. :)

I've had a problem with the idea of running around the lake at work until I'm a 'real' runner and don't have to walk. Someone pointed out (and it's a little bit different trapped in a fitness center) that people are so self involved, do you really think they'll notice?

I thought it was a good point. I'm still not run/walking around the lake though(schedule conflicts) but I think I could now.