so... didn't swim

But to make up for not swimming, I did cycle (stationary) for 30ish minutes. I also did a little bit of upper body resistance training. I like resistance training, and I know how good it is for you (especially when you're trying to burn fat!) but I don't know if I need another thing to add right now. I'm a little afraid that if I take on all of these new things, I'll implode or something. We'll see as the weeks come. For now I'm going to put the RT in the "if I feel like it" category and just aim for 30 minutes twice a week. I can easily take a 30 minute break from work to do a little lifting - and I don't get all sweaty doing it either, so mid-day will work.

Speaking of new things, I started a food diary @ thedailyplate.com - it's very easy! You can also log your workouts, which is probably wildly inaccurate, but I'm trying it for now. They say I'm in a 600-calorie deficit for today - if I can keep that up everyday, I can lose a pound a week!

I have noticed, however, that I eat basically all of my calories in the evening. My breakfast and lunch are maybe 200 and 300 calories on any given day. Then I eat probably a bigger serving of dinner than I should. Although I cook pretty healthful foods, portion control is still important. Even though my # of calories seems to be in line, I'm worried that eating most of them later in the day (when my metabolism is slowing down for bedtime) is packing on the weight.

Also - mindless eating!! Jeez. The food diary is making me painfully aware of that piece of birthday cake I ate today - probably 300 calories and I don't even like birthday cake. Heh.

Tomorrow: finish Week 1 training -- use the ipod+ system for the first time

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Abimars said...

Hello *lisa* and thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
Before I started the couch to 5k program I couldn't walk briskly for up to a minute without panting, now I'm comfortably running 30 minutes. The key for me was my pace, I started out running too fast but soon learnt to take it slow. I'm sure you'll do well (whatever plan yoou stick to)
I also started a food diary recently with spark people and was appalled at the calorific value of my food.
I've subscibed to your posts and will be rooting for you all the way