What have I been missing all these years?

I don't know what my problem has been the last, oh, 5 years of my life, but why did I ever stop exercising regularly. I've done *something* active every day for the last week, and it hasn't been "hard" - it's been fantastic!

Basically just one day I kinda sorta didn't want to run, but I did. And it was good. Gosh, one week and I haven't felt this good in ages.

Anyway, enough glorifying exercise. I already knew it was good for me. I was just being lazy. For absolutely no reason. I spent so much time being too tired for exercise when exercise is what gives you energy (okay, not literally, but ... y'know).

OK - today's workout:
10 minutes on the stepper - alright, but kind of boring. Thus, 10 minutes. It doesn't feel like exercise either it just confuses my legs.
45 minutes on the elliptical - woo - I could have gone longer, but today was supposed to be a rest day. Plus I needed to shower and I seriously don't need to be M.I.A. from work for much longer than an hour.

Some good long stretching planned for this evening. I've been neglecting my stretching.

** wanted: someone to help me get my Nike+ workouts into my blog ... any takers? **


Christine said...

After you login click on MyRuns
then select "runs"
Next click the bar of the run that you want to

on the top right click "share"

then an option that says
"add to your webpage"

Next click "Grab the code"

Then just paste it in your blog! It's that easy :)

Abimars said...

I totally get you on how its not hard to be active, you feel so alive and ready to take on anything.....