Week 2 . Day 1

So ... I was wrong. My deepest apologies to anyone who thought I knew what I was talking about when I said you couldn't listen to a podcast during a Nike+ workout. All you have to do is add whatever podcast you're interested in listening to to a playlist, and you'll be just fine. So... main point: I'm an idiot.

Good news though - I did figure that out before 9 weeks from now, so Mr. Nike got to accompany me on my run. Mr. Nike doesn't talk to me because I just go for the open ended workout, but that's okay. Robert talks to me.

Today, Mr. Nike reports: 2.25mi, 13:15 pace

Today felt pretty easy. I mean, I was working hard enough to be breathing hard, but no real discomfort anywhere or feelings of exhaustion - hurrah - and I still have two more workouts to "get used to this" before it gets harder.

I'm not sure how well he's calibrated. The treadmill reported 2 miles, I told it to give me a 17:00 walking pace and a 11:00 running pace (I'm not doing the math to see what that should equal given my intervals), but the treadmills in my fitness center probably aren't that well calibrated either so I don't know who to trust. haha. For now, we'll stick with what Mr. Nike says.

--- oops --- I ate 5 (five!) peanut butter balls today. ugh. I feel like I gained 10 pounds just thinking about it. With that exception, I've been pretty close to my 1400-1600 calories per day.

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