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Yoga 20 min - Sun salutation

If you enjoy yoga, I suggest yogadownload.com or you can subscribe the 20-minute podcast version on iTunes. If you're new to yoga, a helpful pose guide is provided. (Although, if you're very new to yoga, I'd suggest looking up the poses on yogajournal.com or a similar site to get the details of each poses, adaptations to make it easier or more challenging, etc. It's important to do poses properly if you want to get the benefits of yoga.

I was required to take a class in Yoga instruction last year, and as a result was doing Yoga for an hour twice a week for class. Somehow when the class ended I just stopped doing it, so I'm glad I found these podcasts so I can do it without an instructor but not have to worry about forgetting a pose / order. Also, there are over 20 episodes (in the podcast subscription alone) so I can learn some new routines as well!

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Rob said...

Lisa, welcome back. I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth. I am glad to see you are back at it.