I feel wildly successful today - I wasn't too concerned about the transition from Week 3 to Week 4, but looking back, those 5min runs are almost double the 3min ones ... and you jump right into that first 3min ... and there's less rest ... and the whole thing is flat-out longer ...

but it was great!

I even did it outside! If you remember a few weeks back, running outside didn't agree with me ... at all. I ended up with a somewhat seriously injured calf. Yesterday was pain-free. Except for my skin. Which ... is my fault.

See, it was about 56 degrees yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I didn't run in the morning. I ran at 6p. It turns out a 6p it was about 38 ... and raining. Did I dress for 38 and raining?

Nope. Not one bit. I did wear pants and a jacket - but no gloves, no head covering, no warm layer (I was trying to avoid something that would soak up water and get heavy). It was COLD.

I did about 2.5 mi -- the course was just out and back from my apartment. Problem is, the out was with the wind ... and the back was against it - so wind in my face, rain in my face (pure joy, eh?)

However - I was running along feeling stupid about running outside in the cold rain and then I got to my turnaround. The second I headed back the other direction I realized my wind/rain problem. And suprisingly, I got pumped. I went from being an idiot and running in the cold rain to a hard core "What rain!?" kinda girl. I picked up my pace, I ran taller, I was amazing.

The last couple minutes were HARD and I basically scrapped the cooldown due to wanting to go inside really badly. But it was awe.some.

Unfortunately, the next two runs of this week are going to be treadmill-bound. That 56 degree and sunny into 38 degree and rainy yesterday turned into a 28 degree and freezing rain today. And that's what the week pretty much looks like. Oh well.

note: I'm thinking Mr. Nike needs some calibration ... because I don't think I was putting up that kind of pace.


Marie F said...

Dear Lisa: Great job with your running! I picked up running after graduating from college and started by running just a few minutes at a time, as I was completely non-athletic and could not go further. I kept at it, added a minute to my totals, and now have run distances from 5k to marathons! Yes, you are a runner! -Marie

Aaron Cunningham said...

Good run! Those headwind's are evil (esp. with rain).

Gloves seem to be the answer to most weather though. I can handle the rest, but it's hard to run when you want to tuck your fingers in your armpits to tahaw them.

Stay dry. :)