Week 4 ... check

Week 5 ... not so much.

I've been MIA due to being in sunny Florida without internet.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot to report anyhow. I did run Sunday about an hour after we got out of the car (impressive, considering I'd been in a car for 24+ hours and hadn't slept much if at all).

However, that was the only time I ran ALL week.

It's like it never occured to me to run. I was originally planning on running when I woke up in the mornings while waiting for everyone else to get up, but it never happened. I slept until at least 8 every day, and by then my grandparents were up so I had breakfast and did the crossword puzzle, and then it got hot and we did other stuff.

I feel bad about it, but I'll be back on track (again). I don't think a week off will kill me.

I am bummed reading some other C25K blogs though because, between the injury/bronchitis/vacation people that were a week ahead of me are now DONE! (Congrats Aaron!) However, I know that this is attainable. I now have zero days in between the last run of C25K and my 5K so no more breaks for me!

It looks like I'm going to be running the 5K alone - any tips for a first time racer? I'm super nervous about this.


Running Knitter said...

Don't be nervous. Since it's your first 5K, don't shoot for any particular time or speed - the goal should just be to finish. Once you have a few 5K's under your belt, you can concentrate on a PR. Get to the race early. Don't try anything new on race day (like clothes, socks etc. - you don't want any extra chafing or blisters). Most importantly, have fun! Good luck!

Aaron Cunningham said...

Remember the first race is always a PR. :)

Thanks for the comments and shout out.

Sometimes you need to spend time with those you love, and it sounds like you needed to recharge. You just need to get back into the groove now.

No extra runs, and stick to the plan. Just treat the run like it was a training run, and the excitement will give you a boost, or not. It doesn't matter because like running knitter said, you've got more 5Ks to run.