W5 D1

I'm starting to worry that I'm developing a preference for nasty weather. The two runs I've done outside in the rain have been my two most enjoyable runs. Maybe not in terms of physical comfort, but I just feel like I've really accomplished something when I finish.

I did 3 miles today! It took about 35 minutes and of those I walked at least 16, so I think I'm moving at a decent pace during my running segments. I had absolutely no trouble with the running portions at all. I'm excited about the rest of this week!!

It was rainy, but not cold (~52 degrees) which was kind of perfect. The only problem was the water from puddles/passing cars/etc. saturated my shoes and shoelaces and kind of killed the support. So I ended up with a couple aches I don't usually have but I don't think they'll linger.

I was really attached to the treadmill when I started, but I'm kinda over it. When I have to set the pace I'm going to go, I feel like I can't adjust it to how I feel. I think the treadmill will be a useful tool next winter (when I'm running without walk breaks and am more accustomed to the pace I want to run at) but for now, I'm done with it. It's still March so the weather won't be fantastic, but I can run on the indoor track on campus if need be.

Oh yeah, one more thing - check out my mileage. I've run a marathon this year! Yeah, a lot of runners do that and much more in a week, and yeah it took me 13 runs, but I'm chalking it up as a success anyway :)