W5 D2

... did this workout yesterday evening. My calf was a little sore (as it always is the day or two after a run ... I really gotta figure this thing out). It didn't really give me any trouble during the run as far as being able to do it, but it didn't feel good (not PAIN per se, but considerable discomfort).

The run was on the rough side. I'm not sure how 20 solid minutes will go tomorrow. I was pretty tired and needing the rest break by 8 minutes. Have any of you done C25K? How was the transition for you??

The good news is, I'm mentally in a really good place right now. I don't dread running, I don't look for excuses not to run, I just go. And I enjoy it. Even though it's hard. And will probably be super duper hard tomorrow.


Wish me luck.


Aaron Cunningham said...

Have a good run tomorrow.

Have you considered shoes/inserts as a potential part of the calf problem?

I thought the transition was not too bad, but I wasn;t fighting any other pain issues. Remember that you can slow down to go long.

chirunner said...

You might check out Chirunning.com. I had calf problems and shinsplints the whole time I ran until I started using ChiRunning.