W6 D1

As I've read from other C25K bloggers, W6 D1 was suprisingly tough(ish) even though W5D3 was a longer run. I didn't really have any problems with finishing, but the first 5 minutes was pretty tough. Just like it was last week. And just like it will probably always be (it is, after all, a Natural Law of Running).

This was the first run I did without music, as I convinced my roommate to come with me. She did really well considering she doesn't ever run - She made it through all 3 segments ... in fact it kind of made me feel a little lame that it took me 5 weeks to get to that point. Oh well. Good news is she might possibly run the 5K with me.

Pace was slightly slower -- we did about the same distance I covered in my 20 minute run, except today it was 24 minutes. I blame this on the walking ... which wasn't so brisk. haha.

Tightness in the calf ... again. No pain though. I wore new shoes. They're identical in every way to my normal shoes, just ... new. I don't know if that helped but I felt a little more stable.

Question of the Day - What are your thoughts on shoelaces?? I feel like my shoes aren't tight enough, but I also know that your feet swell, etc. when you run so they shouldn't be too tight .... I'm perplexed. haha


Run Runner said...

I had to unlace my shoelaces from the top hole, because I was getting bad chafing at the tops of my ankles where the shoes were rubbing. I don't know if it's because my ankles are bigger or my previous running shoes were different or what... do what you need to do to make the shoes work for you!

Also, when I got professionally fitted they gave me shoes that are a half-size larger than what I usually wear. They did feel a little loose at first, but also very comfortable and cushy.

Rob said...

I would say tighten them up but pay attention to your circulation. Great job at keeping at it.

Anonymous said...