First off, I'm a little disappointed that I was MIA for a week and no one called me out on it. Tell me when I'm slacking, people! I need to be held accountable for my laziness. haha.

OK so I skipped Day 1. Oh well. I didn't run Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Sunday was a planned day off so there were at least 3 excuses. And at least one of them was valid (killer headache). Who knows about the other two. After 4 days off of running, week 7 day 1/2 was suprisingly easy. I thought the break may have affected me but it didn't seem to at all. 11:00ish/mile again ... not particularly overjoyed but I didn't want to overdo it ... maybe I should have because I wasn't winded afterwards or tired or sore or ... anything. I felt like I could have kept running considerably longer ... My roomie went with me again and made it to 23:30 without stopping so I may officially have a training partner!

I'm wondering what I will write about now that the progress reports are (1) boring and (2) basically all the same. Suggestions? I could start handing out exercise physiology advice, because I do know a lot of science that applies to running ... but ... at the same time, I'm not an accomplished runner yet so I don't know how it would go over.

Seriously ... suggestions?



*jen* said...

BAD LISA for not running. ;) I kept checking your blog and was wondering why you hadn't posted anything. From now on, I'll do my best to scold you if I sense slacking.
You can give me exercise physiology advice anytime, come on over! I would love to talk to you about your grad studies, actually. Write about whatever you want! I like throwing ridiculous random stuff in, but that's just me. Whatever you decide to write about, I'll keep tuning in. :)

Frayed Laces said...

*Tag* You're it--- apologies if you've been tagged before-- see


for the instructions.

Aaron Cunningham said...

Good run. And good for getting back out after a break. For whatever reason.

Write about whatever. I for one would be very interested in the execise physiology stuff. So what if you aren't an acoomplished runner. You know the theory, and can apply it to your experiences, and ours. :)

P.O.M. said...

Thanks for the comment. Everyone loves exercise physiology advice! So bring it on. And as you run more and more, your own advice will jsut ring more true :)

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Rob said...

I am soooo disappointed in you Lisa. :) Just kidding. You are doing fine. Sometimes we need a slack day.

Anonymous said...