10K W2

I've been keeping up with the running 3x a week and the cross-training on other days, but I have a confession to make:

I'm not getting any better.

I'm still slow. Running is STILL hard. I love the way it makes me feel and I enjoy it but it's SO hard. I did 2.2 miles yesterday and it was sheer torture. My legs were so so tight. They finally loosened up after about a mile and a half after like 3 stops to try to stretch, but the stretching hurt so I didn't keep it up too long. This is the first time (at least lately) that I've had this allover calf/shin soreness but I may have to look into stretching pre-run if it happens again.

Running 30 minutes is not easy for me. I'm glad I didn't choose the one-hour runner program because I'm not confident I can do it. I know I can add on the miles even if I do have to take a walk break, but I'm trying really hard not to take them (no walking yesterday - I stood in place and stretched quickly so I still RAN the whole distance).

Anyway. Confession time over. This is the last week of 10K week 1 and I am celebrating with a 5K on Saturday. A teeny tiny one that's nearby. I'm really excited because
1. it's close (about 30 minutes away)
2. parking will not be stressful (it's a teeny town)
3. last year anything under an hour would have been third in my age group - there were tons of 45+ers -- meaning the chances of me coming in dead last are rather slim
4. I'm fairly confident it will not be flooded out

So there's my next race. After this I am not planning anything concrete until October, though I am considering some things. We'll see how this one goes.

Finally. My first 5K. Third time's the charm, right?

My goal? under 40:00
My less realistic goal? 35:00

I might not make either one. But that's okay. That's what goals are for.

Wish me luck! (again)

In other news, I am going to start working on my pushup fitness with another "program" that's hit the C25Ker's leading to 100 consecutive pushups in 6 weeks. I'll do my initial test tonite and let you know where I'm starting and the plan.


Kitzzy said...

Great to see another person joining the push up challenge. Good luck with your 5K this weekend.

Aaron Cunningham said...

Good on ya for keeping up the running even when it sucks! STretchng should help, but at the risk of sounding like your mother: Are you walking for a few (5) minutes to warm up? From some of your other comments, are you drinking enough? And are you eating adequately? (you are a college student after all. :))

It may or may not help, but I really don't enjoy the first mile or so of even my good runs. At best I can take or leave the first miel. I don't start enjoying things until around mile 3. Just keep banging on it and it should get better.

GOOD LUCK!!! Glad you found a close one so soon. I should be starting my 10K as you are finishing your 5K.

Thanks very much for mentioning the pushup thing. I hadn't heard about it, and it looks like a good thing for me to start

Rob said...

Best of luck on the 5k.