10K Training - Week 2

Week 2 is so far going kind of lame-ly. Monday I did some Pilates for my strength session and felt really good and strong. But Tuesday I ran with a friend - she's not a super fast runner, but faster than me. And going out too fast wiped me out. We did 3 miles but I'm gonna guess that we only really ran half of it. So yesterday I decided to skip the cross training in favor of getting the mile-ish I missed in - so I went out planning to do 1.5 nice and easy. My roommate wanted to go, but about 7 minutes in (before we got to the 3/4 mile turnaround) she wanted a walk break. Which was fine except she never wanted to start running again. So my cross-training yesterday consisted of a half mile run and a mile walk. Oh well. Still 30 minutes I guess.

Today is a short run day (2 miles) - I'm going BY MYSELF. Hopefully 3 days in a row of running won't hurt me but it hasn't been too far mileagewise (will be a total of 4 miles)

Concerning my foot - still hurts - I didn't go to the doctor, but I did talk to a woman I work with who is an AT. It turns out my EHL (the muscle that pulls up your big toe) is REALLY tight. As in, when I stand, relaxed, my right big toe doesn't lay on the ground. So I've been working on limbering up the muscle to see if that helps. I'll keep you posted.


Rob said...


As to speed, I started to run to be uncomfortable during most of my runs. I thought if the pace was comfortable I wasn't working hard enough. Lately I have been doing more progression runs and other speed work (like intervals).

Aaron Cunningham said...

Glad to hear you have aloead on the foot/calf problem. Hope that fixes it.

Running with others is fun sometimes, but most of the time being able to do what you need to do is better. Bu I'm mildly antisocial when I run. :)