Turning a corner ...

3.4 miles in 41:59 (12:20 pace).
My "Wee Little Virtual 5K" time was 38:00. (12:16 pace)

My time was slow, but there was a HUGE headwind 20mph-ish for a good portion of my run, plus I was feeling pretty crappy when I set out.

This is finally getting easier. (I know I was just complaining about the lack of any progress last week but I have had 2 QUALITY runs in a row and I just feel like I've turned a corner in my training).

3.4 miles is the longest I've ever run (consecutively or otherwise) as is 42 minutes, and I did this without stopping. I was planning to do 3.5 but I measured wrong from my parents' house. oops.

I may be getting ahead of myself, but I no longer think it will be necessary to do each long run distance for 3 weeks because I think I could have done another mile Sunday if I'd wanted to. So my question is: do I work on speed and keep the super slow increases in mileage, or increase the distance more steadily (add 0.5 mile to the long run each week with a scale-back every 3rd week) so I'm up to 8ish mile long runs by October and the 10K distance is more comfortable?


Rob said...

I would say work on your distance first. Speed work brings an increased chance of injury.

chris said...

I am with Rob on this. Build up your endurance and the speed will eventually come.

Good job on the run, BTW.

Aaron Cunningham said...

I'm a little behind..

Great work on your Virtual 5K. Way to get out there and gut through it. Especially when you were doing it by yourself.