Plan Makeover.

The distance training wins it (I'm glad to hear it, I have to admit - running fast is fun but I am anxious to get away from these 2-3 mile runs all the time). Here's my tentative plan re-do. I have 16 weekends until my 10K and this is how I plan to spend them: 0.5 mile increases each week, plus scaling back a bit every 3rd week (although the scale back week gets longer with time. I ultimately want to run at least one 5 miler every week as my shortest "long run" - 5 miles should take me about an hour if I don't slow down with this added miles)

week 1: 4 miles
week 2: 4.5 miles
week 3: 3 miles
week 4: 5 miles
week 5: 5.5 miles
week 6: 3.5 miles
week 7: 6 miles
week 8: 6.5 miles
week 9: 4 miles
week 10: 7 miles
week 11: 7.5 miles
week 12: 4.5 miles
week 13: 8 miles
week 14: 8.5 miles
week 15: 8.5 miles
week 16: 5 miles
week 17: 10K

Obviously if I fail on a distance, I'll readjust the plan to try again / slow down the progression.

So what do you guys think? Too aggressive? Just right?

Did 2 "junk miles" yesterday at 12:00 pace - nothing impressive, still a bit sore from Sunday but needed to get on my legs. Running is becoming so necessary for me to make it through my week and I love it. I haven't dreaded running once in a long time and more often than not find myself restlessly waiting for "running time" (usually 4:30 or 5:00p)

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Aaron Cunningham said...

I like the plan. I'm assuming you're still doing/planning on doing the 4 days a week thing?

I think the progression, and the fallbacks will keep you healthy. I've been doing a 'speed' day on one of my midweek days. Nothing fancy, and certainly nothing like track work, I just run harder one of my shorter runs.

I wouldn't classify that last run as "junk miles". You were sore, and needed to work out the knins. That sounds like a recovery run to me.