WI running

I've completed another record for me - running 3 days in a row.

And get this:

... pain. free.

That's right the pain in my arch/ankle is all but gone. I get twinges sometimes, but the constant, worsening ache no longer plagues me.

And this 3 days in a row thing is big news if you can recall the trouble I had with my legs without a full recovery day between runs. I almost made it a fourth today because I'll be in northern Wisconsin tonite through Monday morning, meaning 2 runs will have to occur while I'm up there. I was going to cut it down to 1, but there's no way I can really cross-train up there so I'll stick with the run. It won't take very long, plus I can exercise my cousin's dog. (Bonus: hopefully Peyton will ward off any deer, turkeys, or bears that might otherwise attack ...) This is actually my biggest fear. I may have to drive into town (30 minutes away) to run depending on my uncle's perception of wild animals and safety. If anyone runs in really "rural" areas, any advice? Is it safe? Will taking the dog help/make it worse? Tips?

Anyway, I should be posting while I'm gone but if you don't hear from me, you'll know the bears got me - heh.

Oh yeah, I also posted over 20 miles for June (even with a week-long hiatus ... I don't even remember why that happened). That's my highest mileage month yet. I'm aiming for 40 in July so wish me luck!


RunMomma said...

Came across your blog and stopped for a while. Nice to meet a fellow runner that has some of the same concerns as me (ankle pain). Will visit again soon.

chris said...

Good job on the 3 in a row, and the miles for the month. You seem to be doing great. I have read that 3 in a row is about all you should do. You won't be fully recovered or something for the 4th run. Can't really remember the details.

Anyway, good luck!

Aaron Cunningham said...

Great news about the pain free running. It makes it a lot more fun when you don't worry about whether every step you take is going to cause a problem.

Well done on you high mileage month!

Enjoy your vacation!

jlou said...

I've tagged you. If you care to participate and haven't already been tagged, check out my blog.