10K training - Week 8!

Oops I've sort of been neglecting this blog. Since I've been posting each run on the Virtual Run Club blog, I haven't been posting anything at all on this blog.

I've been doing okay in my training (week 8 already! I'm more than a third of the way through I think). So far I haven't actually achieved the goal of 4 runs in a week, but on the bright side, aiming for 4 has made weeks with fewer than 3 runs non-existent.

I am coming up (again) on a "longest run ever" tomorrow or Sunday. It's looking more like Sunday but I will see how I feel. I fell this morning during my run - nothing major but I'm bruised and sore already so I'm assuming it will feel worse tomorrow. I did finish my planned run though, after 5 minutes to convince myself it wasn't a big deal and I was being a baby.

Anyhow, 5 miles planned for this weekend. I'm anticipating it will take a little over an hour and I'm not yet decided on whether I'll take in any carbs during the run. My brain is stuck between knowing carbohydrates will improve my performance/allow me to maintain my pace better and knowing that nobody eats during a 5-mile run (although most people are well under an hour for 5 miles). I could feel some considerable fatigue at the end of 4.5 a few weeks ago, but I guess that's probably the point of increasing mileage. I might try some heavily diluted Gatorade as a non-committal decision. If you have an opinion, please share.

I'll check in post-long run and let you know how it went.


Pokey said...

Sounds like you are doing great!

In reference to your last post, I know there are many people out there that wonder why it also takes over 5 months for me to train for a HM ;) Dont worry about that....train for YOUR race at YOUR pace. You'll do awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been putting off my running for........ ever. My preferred distance is 5K. I ran the 500 Festival 5k and thought I should run the Mini next time... well next time came and went and I didn't run either. blah!

Simon Anderson said...

You should not be using any carbs or Gatorade until you're running over 10 miles, or 2 hours.

Water, water, water - pure and simple.

All that you're doing is taking on calories that you don't need. Besides which, it takes over 15 miles to deplete the glycogen (fuel created from carbs) stored in your muscles.

Aaron Cunningham said...

A bit behind on blogs. :)

Hope the 5 miler went well, and all is well. This whole beginning runner thing is pretty cool, since a huge chunk of our runs are 'longest ever' runs. Kind of fun.

Don't dilute the Gatorate, apparently it's already at the optimum ration of sugar/water to ensure proper absorption.

I'd stick with water under 60 minutes or so.

Mee-Jin Yu said...

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