So it's been the better part of a MONTH since I've posted.

And I regret to say there's been no comment-love (comment-hate?) trashing my lack of posting and/or running.

It's true. I took nearly 2 full weeks off of running. The first week wasn't totally off ... but I did only run once. In my defense, I did cover 5.5 miles in that run, which is a new milestone for me.

However, I had some hip tightness (IT band, maybe) so I decided to take 2 full days off. Unfortunately I was then occupied with family things and thunderstorms for the rest of the week.

This past week I was in Tampa, FL. It was hot, but I would have run ... except I was staying with a friend who's husband is stationed at MacDill AFB. And if you know anything about the military, civilians can't just go gallivanting around base unaccompanied. So there went 7 days.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that I've run twice since arriving home, both under 3 miles but it's taking me a bit to get back into it. I didn't eat well during my 2-week vacation and my running is paying for it still.

I'm going for 6 miles tomorrow or Sunday. Wish me luck :)


Da Doo Run Run said...

Good luck!!!!! The most I have run so far is 4.5 miles.

Rob said...

I know the feeling, one step at time right?

Aaron Cunningham said...

I figured you were posting at that 'other' blog, and keep forgetting to go check it. :)

Well done on a 5.5 mil run. How did it feel? (other than the IT band tightness, etc)

Belated good luck on the 6 miler, and how did it go?