The first thing I'll consider a long run ... 4 miles

Well, basically. I screwed up and stopped 0.1 mile early but I could have done it, I just incorrectly remembered the map I drew out. Oh well. It took forever. 50:43 I think. I'm definitely getting slower. That's okay though. "Long Slow Distance" ... even if it was only a mile longer than "easy".

If you've been following along you might wonder ... why am I doing my long run on Thursday? Because I crapped out in Wisconsin and I know I'm not going to get any better by skipping runs, especially the mileage-builders. So unless I feel like I'm overtraining or getting injured, the long runs will remain

I DEFINITELY need to calibrate the Nike+ ... It added a whole extra mile to what I ran today. And I trust mapmyrun.com a lot more than I trust that little thing in my shoe.


Aaron Cunningham said...

Well done on the long run! 3.9 rounds to 4. :) Nest time you run the distance I'll bet it wll be faster.

I can't see how the foot pod thing can be more than an estimate, but thousands use them successfully, so I'm probably wrong. :) I'll be curious to see how things look once you calibrate it.

John at Hella Sound said...

Calibrate that sucker--it'll become your best buddy on the road. You should be able to get it close enough to accurate for it to be worthwhile.

Congrats on the 4 miles!