I'm taking a bit of hiatus from running (don't worry, very brief!).  I've been annoyed by some tightness in my right hip for a couple weeks now, especially on long runs, and this weekend that annoyance turned into outright pain.  Right now walking makes it sore.  So I'm taking a full week off from running, and pretty much exercise in general (even though its against my very nature).  I'll be in Colorado anyway so I'll be busy and dealing with altitude so it's probably for the best all around.  Stretching, strengthening, ice, and nsaids will be my exercise routine until next Saturday (my tentative back on the horse date).


Rob said...

Sometimes you need some time off, have a good rest.

Aaron Cunningham said...

Hope your trip was productive, and don't forget to get back on the horse. :)

Aaron Cunningham said...

Ok, I think you've had your hiatus.

How's it going?