5mi, <1 hr

I actually had a good run yesterday.  The rest of my world is somewhat crashing down, but, psh.

Slightly over 5 miles, slightly under 1 hour (58:30).  Works out to just under 11:40 pace - that's (I'm pretty certain) my best long-run pace ever.  Last time I did 6 it took 1:16+.  I think yesterday I could have done a sixth mile in less than 18 minutes haha.

Splits (look out, they're *mostly* negative!)
11:55 (made a water pit stop so a couple stops restarts of the watch could have added a little time)
11:49 (felt SLOW)
11:10 (felt amazing!)

I was breathing pretty hard the last 1/4 mile or so but it felt so good.  This run makes me feel a little better about Saturday.  Now I know it (probably) won't take me like an hour and a half.  1:10 would be amazing but I know can't keep that 11:10 stuff up for 6.2 miles yet... 

Eek. Just checked the weather for Sunday and it looks like 28mph winds and rain. Grreat.


Anonymous said...

Great work on the run!
The weather looks rather bad, but you probably won't notice once you are running.

There is a Norwegian saying... There is no such thing as bad weather. There is only bad clothing.

(usually works for me when I need an excuse to go shopping for running gear)

Aaron Cunningham said...

That's a great run. I'm behind the power curve here. Hope Saturday went well!!!