Race Report(s)

I mentioned I was going to do two races this weekend.

I sorta did one.

I'm starting to dread this blog a little because it more often than not makes me feel bad about myself.  Here's the "report(s)":

Yesterday was my university's annual 5K - "Chase Charlie" (Charlie is our mascot).  Since I was planning to do two races this weekend, I decided to treat the 5K as more of an easy run than a race - mostly I just wanted the experience of this campus tradition before leaving BSU.  So I talked my roommate into doing it with me, promising her I'd stay with her even if she had to walk.  She did, which was fine, but we ended up walking probably 1/3 of the race.  It was a good time, though with several of my coworkers, professors, and friends also running.  The final sprint is also through the stadium, into the end zone which is fun.  We finished in just under 39 minutes.  Again, this was fine because I had another race today, my 10K that I've been training for for months. 

However, when we checked the weather this morning, they are warning of constant winds @ 25mph with gusts up to/exceeding 50mph.  Also it is 40 degrees.  And raining.  Now that I'm writing it all out it sounds like more of an excuse than it did when we were deciding whether or not to go.  But I guess I wanted this to be a good experience and I think the wind would make it anything but.  

More honestly, I was afraid I would fail.  6 miles is still hard for me, and trying to do 6 miles fast, into a strong wind, I thought I might not even finish.  So there's my confession in essence.  I'm looking for a replacement race today while trying not feel terrible about my decision.  I enjoy training, especially when I have specific tasks to accomplish for a day.  (I'm thinking about trying the FIRST training plan because there are such detailed goals for the day and I love numbers).  However, races just initimidate me.  I hate being dead last or close to it (which I so often am) and I spend more time worrying about what people will think of my performance to enjoy it.  So if anyone has any advice pertaining to that feeling, send it this way.  


Aaron Cunningham said...

Congrats on banging out the 5K. It was really nice of you to support your roommate through the run too.

It's not unreasonable to want to have all the work you've done be showcased in as good an experience as it can. Fighting wind and rain is no fun.
Setting yourself up for failure is no fun either.

That being said... You've run the distance. Don't doubt you can do it. When conditions are better, or when they are poor. Doing two races back to back might have been a little aggressive, though. :)

For me one of the joys of running is the confidence it builds. Knowing you've gone from 0 to 10K is empowering. If not being DFL (Dead eFfing Last) is one of the things that bothers you, then that sounds like the goal to work on as you find the next 10K. Either come to terms with being in the last part of the race, or run faster. Or don't race, and just run. The only person you need to be comparing yourself with is you.

Having a race makes it easier to focus on the training. Trust me I know. :) But it imposes artificial stresses on your running, as well. You've run 6 miles, the 10K is just an 'official' validation of your runnerness. You are a runner.

Not sure what to suggest with the motivation issue, but I'd suggest just more time on your legs, and more 'speed' work. Not sure how many days you are running now. I'm thinking you might want to shoot for 2-3 shorter runs a week, and a 'long' run.

I'd make one (maybe two) of the short runs a 'speed' workout. Nothing fancy, no intervals or fartleks, just run hard, but not hard enough you need to walk during a run. For the long run, make it 5 or 6 miles, and run it at a comfortable pace.

Looking back at your 5 mile run... 'long' might be at 12:00, 12:30 ; 'speed' might be something like 11:00. Run them the way your body says to for the short ones. Keep you pace comfortable for the long one.

I'm rambling... Hope this helps.

Abimars said...

Congrats on the race lisa and thanks for stopping by mine.
Well said Aaron, and no you were not rambling, you pretty much covered it all