i'm back ... ish.

So it's been over 3 months since you've heard from me.

The first month I was running.

The second month I was slacking.

The third+month I've been suffering.

I was keeping up with the winter plan for awhile. And then it became dark at 5p and also the holiday season and I don't know what happened.  

In mid-December, I got a sinus infection.

I still have a sinus infection. (Yes, I've been to the doctor, 3 doctors to be precise. We're working on this)

I've tried to run intermittently during this time, but it has been vastly unsuccessful.  I've only logged the runs where I finished more than a mile.  A combination of an inability to breathe and splitting headaches has made the progress very difficult.  This is combined with the discovery that Sudafed (that I was told to use as long as I wanted by one of the doctors) has caused a serious increase in my resting blood pressure.  I've stopped taking it (thus making the headaches and pressure worse) but I have to take it super easy if I run at all until the effects go away.

But for anyone who was reading this blog last fall, I have my first half-mary coming up in May!  My training plan was slated to start last week but I only got one quality (slowwww) run in.  I am going to do my best to get the miles while being smart about my health.  My last doctor assures me this infection will be a thing of the past by March so hopefully I will have 8 weeks of full-quality training.

The race will be my first race (and run) of this length.  My max milage is around 7 right now, but I plan to train up to 12 two weeks prior to the race.  My long run plan:


The rest of my runs (3 others per week) are scheduled, but not all that specific -- (easy to medium intensity 2-5 miles with mini-speedwork if I feel like it) As always, advice is welcomed!!!


Abimars said...

Welcome back Lisa sorry to hear about your sinuses sudafed & blood pressure? Gosh, learn something new everyday

Aaron Cunningham said...

Welcome back!

7 miles! That's great! You sure have been working hard.

If you're already at 7, that plan looks great.

Take care of that sinus infection!

How's school?