T-minus ... 4 weeks?? Eek!

I have been MIA (again).  I got sick sick SICK a few days after my last post (GI horror) and wasn't able to keep down any food or much liquid for 4-5 days.  I ended up taking SEVEN days off running, including a long run.  The first 3-mi run back was pure torture, but I did 8 miles (about 13:00 pace) Saturday and 5 (12:15 pace) this morning.  I am feeling a little un-fit, but closer to normal.

I (STILL) have several things I want to post about but time is short -- just wanted to check in.

p.s. If you check out my run log in the sidebar (powered by RunningAhead.com), it's probably up to date.  Even when I am super pressed for time, I log my runs almost immediately after I finish them.  If it says zero, I most likely need a kick in the butt.  If it doesn't say zero and you haven't heard from me, grad school has consumed me and I'll return when I find a fragment of free time.


Aaron Cunningham said...

Sorry you've been sick. You've still got 4 weeks, and you'll be just fine.

I'll try to check in more often and kick you in the tail if you need it. :)

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