T-minus 6 weeks!!

Once again, I haven’t gotten around to posting mid-week.  Maybe it’s a welcome change from the mundane posts I used to do after EVERY RUN.  However, I’ve got a couple things planned to write about so I really need to bust out a post or two besides the weekly wrap-up.

I did 10 Saturday!  That’s right.  Double digits.  12:56 average pace.  Since I did this run on a marked trail, I marked my splits every mile

Mile 1 - 12:24 
Mile 2 - 13:22 (ran into a friend on the trail and walked and talked for about a minute, forgot to stop watch)
Mile 3 - 12:44 
Mile 4 - 13:07 
Mile 5 - 12:59 
Mile 6 - 13:16 
Mile 7 - 12:57 
Mile 8 - 13:05 
Mile 9 - 13:07
Mile 10 - 12:36

I’m fairly happy with the splits, since I kept a fairly consistent pace.  I was hoping to stay under 12:30 pace, but I was also careful not to go too hard (conversational).  I think had this been a race, I could have pushed the pace up to 12:30 maybe 12:15,  but it would have been hard a few points along the way. 

This run felt pretty good.  I took 4 shot bloks with me and had 2 at mile 4 and 2 at mile 7.  I felt them, but I’m not sure I took enough.  3 and 3 may have been a little better.  My legs were seriously threatening to give up the last mile.  I had enough left to push (just a little!) the last mile and finished feeling strong, if in pain.

I’m feeling generally confident about completing the 13.1 without walking.  I have to admit I’m discouraged at the lack of improvement in pace, though.  I won’t be alone during the race by any means (35,000 participants) but I’m afraid of an “embarrassing” finish time.


Da Doo Run Run said...

You completely rock! That is just great, Lisa. Seriously. Good for you!!!! When is this race again? I'll have to read further down in your blog. I just ran a 10K this past weekend (will do a race report once I have the photos to make it more snazzy), and I simply can't imagine running over twice what I ran. My hat is definitely off to you.

Aaron Cunningham said...

A little behind. :)

Great work on the 10 miler! Sounds like a comfortable run. Fueling timing seems OK, but I think I'd have gone for 3 at each point for the full 100 calories. Being closer to the max absorption rate (per Hammer nutrition) of 240-280 cals/hour is better in my opinion.

You definetly won't be last. Run the race your body wants you to run. Everything else will take care of itself.

Hope last weeks running is going well

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