T minus 7 weeks

I've done only 3 runs since I last posted, but 2 were long runs, for a total of 18 miles.  This may have been a stupid idea, but so far I'm doing okay.

I did a 7.25 mi long run last Saturday in 1:35 (13:08 pace).  The run felt okay.  I didn't feel like I pushed myself at all (which I guess is how you're supposed to do a long run if I understand it).  It was kind of choppy because I got an important phone call mid-run that I had to take, which took almost 10 minutes.  As a result, I completely lost my flow.  I got some minor hip soreness on my left side and lots of foot soreness again.  The weather was amazing though, cloudy (no sunburns!), 51 degrees, ever so slight breeze.  

Immediately after the run I drove 2 hours to the airport, flew 2 hours to Florida, then drove 2 more hours to my grandparents.  I can understand why it's not fun to fly home post-marathon and I only did 7 miles!!!  I was sore until Monday night, and due to weird sleeping and eating patterns, heat, and general business, didn't run again until Wednesday, and then only 2 miles (but at a sub-11:30 pace).

I flew back home Thursday, and worked Friday, so didn't run either of those days either.  Then Saturday I went out to do 8, but misjudged a bit and did almost 9 (8.7) in 1:49 (12:33 pace).  Again, my feet hurt, a lot.  But nothing else hurt one bit! AND I didn't walk! (Okay I walked a few times, for maybe 15 seconds, because I am physically incapable of running while drinking and not breathing water).  I feel confident about the pace because there was no stopping and waiting for lights or anything, so I didn't get any "artificial" rest built it to my times, all the drink break walking was while my watch ran.

I think this is how long runs are SUPPOSED to be!! I didn't think about anything most of the time, I just ran.  And I had a GOOD time!  Ahh... 

I am feeling slow, but I am feeling good about this race.


Aaron Cunningham said...

Great work on the long runs! Some other runs might not be a bad idea, but at least you're getting the important ones in. :)

Traveling after a long run is always interesting. Haven't had to go that far, but a few hours in a car is quite enough for me, thnakyouverymuch.

Da Doo Run Run said...

You are doing so awesome! You have come so far. Your long runs are very impressive! I can't wait to read about the race in May. Half marathon - wow! We have one in May here in my town but I just don't see myself ever doubling a 10K. Keep up the good work! I'll read when I can. My blog reading has been pathetic lately.

Anonymous said...

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