Behold, my plans for the next year (running-wise):

(These are open to adjustment, so if you have an opinion, make it known!)

6.7.08 - Outrun the Sun 5K (Indy)
9.27.08 - Turn Up the Volume 4 miler (maybe) (Indy)
10.26.08 - River City Rate Race 10K (Ft. Wanye)
05.02.09 - Indy Mini (half-marathon, the largest in the world ~ 35,000 runners!) <-- my ultimate goal

I also want to add an early winter 5K to assess my progress and complete the shave your 5K challenge. Outrun the Sun will be my qualifying race.

I'm gonna go with Hal's 10K training program starting June 1st, but repeating each week 2-3 times, I have 24 weeks until the 10K, and I'll probably benefit from the very gradual buildup. As of now, I have no plans to train over 6 (maybe 7) miles until after the 10K. After that, I'll maintain with a 6ish miler every other weekend until January, when I'll start training for the Mini. I'll probably use Hal's plan for that, too, depending on my experience with the 10K.

Wednesday's run didn't go so hot as I tried to go post-wallyball and had a lot of tightness in my calves. Wallyball is really kicking my butt but I love it and it's a great whole-body workout. I played twice this week, including yesterday, and I'm feeling alright today so I think it's just taking a little getting used to.

I plan to run 30 minutes around noon today and then tomorrow as well.


Rob said...

great goals Lisa, good luck.

Kitzzy said...

Hello there. Thanks for the comment in my blog. I have a similar plan to yours. I will finish week 9 this week and probably be running less than 2.5 miles. After that, I will increase the millage by .25 miles every week until I reach the 5K distance (which should coincide with my next 5K). I am doing a 10k in October at Disney, then I can start to seriously train for a half marathon though if I want to join a training program they start in mind June. Good luck to you and I look forward to following your blog. I'll add you to my blog roll and RSS feed.

Aaron Cunningham said...

Sounds like a good, well paced plan especially given your calf issues.

I'd do the 4 miler if you can. It'll be a good check on your progress, and a confidence builder before the 10K.

The Indy Mini should be fun, and it gives you a nice long term goal to help drive things.

Anonymous said...