success :)

I think I can officially call myself a C25K graduate ... even though I kind of did the GED version towards the end there. But I ran 30 minutes without stopping yesterday! :) OK ... I stopped twice. But they were stoplights ... not my fault!

Anyway it was pretty good. 2.6 miles Slow though (11:30). But speed will come.

I'm going to complete a few more 30-minute runs and then start a new plan.

I'm thinking of either "becoming a one-hour runner" or training for a 10K even though there are no 10K's in my future ... what do you think?
here's the OHR:

Weeks 1 - 3: 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. Weekley total: 90 minutes
Week 4: Run 30 minutes, 29 minutes, 35 minutes. Weekly total: 94 minutes
Week 5: Run 30 minutes, 32 minutes, 38 minutes Weekly total: 100 minutes
Week 6: Run 30 minutes, 33 minutes, 41 minutes Weekly total: 104 minutes
Week 7: Run 30 minutes, 34 minutes, 45 minutes Weekly total: 109 minutes
Week 8: Run 30 minutes, 36 minutes , 49 minute Weekly total: 115 minutes
Week 9: Run 30 minutes, 38 minutes, 54 minutes Weekly total: 122 minutes
Week 10: Run 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes Weekly total: 130 minutes

here's the 10K (Hal Higdon):

What do you guys think?


Meg said...

Hi Lisa, I came across your blog somewhere a few weeks ago, I thought I'd say hi. That plan looks totally doable. I'm going to try Hal's marathon plan this summer for my first, a friend of mine really liked it for his first full. Good luck!

Aaron Cunningham said...

Yay for finishing!!! I'ts all about getting it done, not how you do it. :)

I'm biased in favor of Hal Higdon, since that's what I used.

Why not put a 10K on the schedule for later in the year? It might help keep you focused. Hey, don't you yourself a 5K ?

Aaron Cunningham said...

For other events try www.runningintheusa.com, or maybe active.com (you've probably tried them already, but I thought I'd mention them)

I like running for mileage, not time because it make it easier for me to keep track of things in my running logs.

Glad you've already got a 5K in mind. You may have mentioned it, but my brain she not worka so good lately. :)

Da Doo Run Run said...

Go you! Awesome! I am doing the one-hour runner b/c I prefer to run for time and not distance. I know Aaron is doing the other, though. Just depends on what you prefer, I guess!