Screw the weeks :)

Feeling pretty good lately, regardless of a bad run and a complete abandonment of the C25K plan.

Ran Sunday and Tuesday so far this week. I'm also supposed to also run today and Saturday - not sure what I was thinking.

Starting with Sunday - I bought some inserts for my shoes, y'know, to help with the fatiguey feeling they sometimes get and the arch pain I've been dealing with lately.

... worst. idea. ever.

My feet felt normal, good even, for about 10 minutes (about normal as of late) and then they started to ache - both of them. And then it got much, much worse. I stopped to walk - pain. At this point I was wondering how I would ever get home. I couldn't imagine doing a mile on my feet walking or running. So I stopped and pulled the insoles out and tried running again just to get home faster - and my feet felt pretty darn good. Apparently they've decided to behave themselves for fear of the insoles returning.

Tuesday's run wasn't so hot - well, it was very hot, but not very successful. I never realized how warm 72 degrees could be - but I was miserable. I did 10 minutes and had to stop and walk. I ran on and off the rest of the time, never walking for more than a minute but sometimes only running like 2 minutes in between. I definitely need to get acclimatized to the heat because soon 72 will be the low for the day instead of the high ... Since I was feeling pretty lame about the run, I did a 45 minute walk with my roommates when I got home from work, too.

Yesterday I had my first experience with wallyball. Talk about cross-training. I am SOOO sore. My arms, my calves. No way running is happening today. Also Saturday's run is out as well, as I realized I am going to be in the car at 5am on my way to Nashville for a friends "destination wedding" - so I will combine those into one run tomorrow sometime. Not the plan, but at least it's still 3 runs in a week.

Sorry for the ridiculously long post that didn't say much! haha.


Lora said...

I stumbled across your blog while searching for some people who have tried Cto5k.

I am just beginning week three. It was encouraging to see your progression!

Best of luck to you!

Aaron Cunningham said...

You're not abandoning C25K, you're moving past it's limitations. :)

Maybe you should hang the inserts above your shoes so your feet know the threat of them is there all the time. :)

I'm not sold on this whole warm weather thing myself. Too much sweat. :)

I'd never heard of wallyball. had to go google it. Wow, that sounds like a workout!

Keep up the running!