I did ~ 23 minutes today, with a 1 minute walk break in the middle. Which is definitely not good considering I should be a month post-finishing, but not too bad considering my running success as of late. I forgot to go buy arch supports but didn't want to use that as an excuse - it hurt today, but I could run through it - I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I totally support the running store thing - unfortunately, I've already done that. The shoes I run in were fitted to me, and I even went to a totally different store and got the same opinion - so if it's my shoes, I don't know what else to do. I tried to stretch out pretty good post-run and am currently ice-ing my right foot so hopefully I'll see some improvement. I will wait a couple days on the arches I get.

I need to be on a plan but I think I've exhausted c25k - I'll work up to a solid 30 over the next few weeks and then start a 10K training plan of some sort - suggestions? There aren't many races around here, but I can train for an imaginary race. My goal is to help a friend marathon train this summer so I want to be doing at least easy 3 or 4 milers so I can run every other loop with her on long runs.

It's good to be back(ish). :)


Beth said...

Hey, I found your blog through the complete running network, and I hope your arch pain starts feeling better! I know those sorts of things can be so annoying when you just want to train. Best of luck!

Aaron Cunningham said...

Don't you just love it when the pain just move around.

Good run. Jut bang out a few more to get to 30 and move on. :)

I've heard about people rolling their foot on top of a tennis ball for similar issues.

I just used Hal Higdon's 10K novice program and was pretty happy with it. Theother one people seem to be using is One Hour Runner, which appears to be time based vs. miles based.