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I guess I haven't been doing the weekly weigh-ins, but not much is happening. I guess I'm down maybe 5 pounds (current weight ~178 lb) since this whole thing started, and maybe a touch in inches, but definitely nothing noticeable except for more defined leg muscles. My goal here isn't appearance, but an improvement somewhere would be motivating. For now my motivation will lie in completing running milestones. Since running is going somewhat smoothly now, I want to add a few additional goals that I'll assess each week.

I need to address my eating habits, but I'm not 100% ready. I've started doing breakfast better. Every day is either whole-grain toast with organic peanut butter and a banana OR kashi granola with peanut butter, almonds, and skim milk. Both breakfasts really fill me up until lunch. Lunch is a LeanCuisine plus an apple nearly every day - I can't think of anything else healthy, easy, and affordable for lunch that's not peanut butter or granola. haha. Dinner varies depending on my energy level but I still fall back on eating out or mac 'n cheese too often. I can cook, I'm just beat at the end of the day. So my only nutrition goal for now is (1) eating breakfast like a champ :) and (2) drinking more water now that it's getting hot outside.

My fitness goals outside running are:
(1) strength-training 2x a week (one day arms and back, one day legs)
(2) no more than one day per week without exercise

These goals, however, will start June 1st as I have a conference all week (ACSM in Indianapolis, if anyone will be there I'd love to meet you!!) and I won't be anywhere near a gym. Sad that exercise will suffer the week of the sports medicine conference. haha.

Side note: ran about 2.25 miles in about 27 minutes, so slower than normal. Suprisingly, there are a lot more hills in my hometown than Muncie so I think (hope!) that had something to do with it. Had some troubles again with my right ankle, calf. Again, nothing I can't handle, but it's definitely bothersome, I think it slows me down, and it just makes running less enjoyable. I feel great otherwise.

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Aaron Cunningham said...

Sounds like you're getting on track with the nutrition. I think the water thing will help in all sorts of ways.

I'd modify your fitness goal #2 to be: At least one day per week of no exercise, but no more. You need a rest day a week, even if you're young and full of vim and vinegar. :)

Runners World had some good calf and ankle stuff somewhere, I'll see if I can find it again.