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6.1 miles today in 1:16. Equates out to about 12:30 pace, which is better than I've been seeing on long runs, so I'm satisfied. A few short walk breaks (maybe four, 0:20 each), but nothing to get down about.

One thing -- my feet hurt pretty much the whole time. I'm pretty sure I haven't put enough miles on my shoes for them to be worn out, but maybe they are anyway? I'm pretty heavy by female runner standards so that probably speeds up the process ... I'm not sure if there's any way to tell by looking at them. The tread's only mildy worn in a few places, but I think what breaks down is the cushioning. Thoughts??


Aaron Cunningham said...

Well done. Hope this puts your 10K prep worries behind you!

I've had a couple of tose recently too. If I recall you bought these new for this project (if not discard my comments) Not sure if you wear them to just run, or day to day. If you just run in them the shouldn't have the mielage on them to be degrading. 300-500 miles is what I've seen quoted for shoe life. Maybe some new insoles to replae the sock liners they ame wiht? I'm using super feet and am pretty happy.

Da Doo Run Run said...


chris said...

Hi Lisa, just wanted to leave you some IT band info. You commented that you might be starting to feel a little pain on the lateral side of your knee.

Go to You Tube and type in 'IT band stretches'. You will find a lot of great stuff. do these after every run and even on days you don't run. Also, start doing leg lifts. EVERY DAY. They may help. Finally, become addicted to an anti-inflammatory.

Hopes this helps!

Rob said...

6 miles is great no matter the pace. Great job.