Thursday ... check

3 miles today. This is exactly what I had on the schedule so it is exactly what I did. The weather was almost perfect. For me, this meant it was just over 70 and lightly raining. I love running in the rain. I might have to move to Seattle. haha.

I forgot my watch so I didn't time it. And I don't care!


chris said...

I am scared to run in the rain. Ever since my buddy slipped while running in the rain and busted his face up, I kind of shy away from it. He was fine, but he looked awful and we made fun of him for weeks!

Da Doo Run Run said...

Go you! You need to come whip my butt into shape, too. I've been slacking big time. Keep to the schedule! I'll be checking in!

Aaron Cunningham said...

Good run! I know I get so wrapped up in being able to compare times and pacing that I forget to enjoy the runs sometimes. Maybe do that once a week to keep your motivation up by making it fun.

Hey running in seattle has it's temperature bennies, but it's hard to find long flat runs... :)