So today I finally felt more like I did back in November before I fell off the wagon in a big way!  I did 3 miles - 1 out to the track, 400m to recalibrate the Nike+, 1200 to check the calibration (pretty good, read .78) and 1 more back to work.  I made it to the track in 11:37, did each of my 400's in 2:40, and got back in about 11:00!  It works out to about 11:20 pace I think, which is fast for me and hopefully not a fluke.

The temperature changed from about 34 when I left to 44 when I got back so I ended up getting pretty warm in tights, shorts, and a long sleeve tee.  But I made it :) 

I think I'm going to try to get out to the track at least every other week to run some 400's to check my progress and do some really mild speedwork.  I know I haven't been running long enough for "speedwork" to be allowed but I don't think pushing the pace a little for a mile around the track will hurt me.

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Aaron Cunningham said...

That's great! I really need to add some faster workouts back into my routine.

Keep it up!